Below are the 4 courses I created on serial entrepreneurship. The first course is free to anyone who signs up through my website, you just have to click the “take this course for FREE” link. I give all 4 of my courses away for free to high school students and military veterans, contact me directly for information on these programs. Overall, the cost of my courses are low despite the high quality of the content. After so many years of mentoring in-person, I found this to be the the best way to share what I know to anyone in the world, at anytime.

The Serial Entrepreneur’s Guide To Startups – Intro Course

In this introductory course I cover the basics of startups and entrepreneurism. I cover what it takes to build a startup and more importantly, why you should do it at all. I am giving this introductory course away for FREE to anyone who signs-up via my website, just click the blue button below for more information and to activate the coupon. 

The Serial Entrepreneur’s Guide To Startup Ideas

I am known as a master-ideator and I consult with large companies and startups that want to learn how to fill a white-board with awesome ideas. For the first time I am revealing my ideation process and including cheatsheets and templates that will enable you to rapidly vet an idea and think laterally and vertically into areas that might prove to be more lucrative.

The Serial Entrepreneur’s Guide To Setting Up A Startup

I am notorious for creating companies seemingly overnight. In this course I cover the steps necessary to quickly setup a solid infrastructure foundation for your new startup. These are the aspects of starting a company that no one seems to be teaching, yet are the most critical for success (especially for those who end up selling their company). By taking this course, you’ll get my zip file, that when expanded, creates a complete company file directory. This file alone is worth thousands of dollars.

The Serial Entrepreneur’s Guide To Startup Brands

I have created dozens of brands for companies and products in my career and I am revealing all my tips and tricks in this course. I am giving away my cheat sheets and template files so new and established entrepreneurs can rapidly build out their brands themselves. In this course I walk you through the step-by-step process I use to create a full brand presence. Buckle up as this course is fast paced as I drive the mouse and show exactly how I do it and still do it. This course is filled with over 20+ template files and cheat sheets that will save you thousands of dollars while also giving you the confidence to create your own brands.

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