I am a Colorado native and have built over 20 technology companies. The most successful companies I built are where I’ve see an intersection between art and technology. I started my career as an artist, and still paint in my free time at Stemple Studios. I am currently founder, CEO, and a strategic advisor at Inspirer, where I take my extensive experience at ideation, innovation, leveraging startup methodologies, and product creation to help others. Having spent the past 25+ years creating companies, products, and awesome ideas I knows what TRUE innovation looks like and how to implement it at all stages of the innovation lifecycle. Additionally, I am a sponsored endurance athlete, a mentor at Techstars, a former mentor and Director-emeritus at Founder Institute,  a past Governor appointee to the CO Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness, and a proud veteran of the US Army.

Some of my companies include: Skinit (sold in 2007), Original Wraps (bought by a little company called 3M in 2013), Odojo (bought by SafetyWeb in 2010), nReach (bought by a public company in 2004) amongst others.

Over the past 20 years I have made a living building companies from scratch. Some failed, but fortunately the weight of my successes are greater than the weight of my failures. I have taken 1,000s of ideas and distilled them down to 100s of products. I have learned what works and what doesn’t and am self-taught in the aspects of what it takes to repeatedly build successful businesses and brands, which is why I now help others to do the same at Inspirer.

I am also an award winning mentor/coach/advisor and also created 4 courses on building a successful startup. I found that my message and point-of-view on creating success in business and in life resonates strongly with my clients and students. Inspirer and my courses came about out of frustration with other so-called mentors/coaches/advisors teaching so much about “launching” a product, but not helping students with the whole process and lifecycle of innovation; how to ideate, how to lay a foundation, how to build a brand, how to leverage partnerships, etc.


After building 20 companies I KNOW it takes hard work, both mentally and emotionally, but the results are nothing less than incredible. I want you to experience the pure joy of working hard on an idea and watching it grow into something that generates so much wealth it pays for countless vacations, weddings, pregnancies, college tuitions, and on and on for your teammates that join you. I want you to feel what it is like to live an extraordinary life and build exceptional things by either working with me, hearing me speak, or taking my courses.

More importantly, I believe I can help you and give you all that I know; the secrets, the cheatsheets, the how-to’s, all of it. All I ask is that you have the COURAGE to begin, that you are open to being INSPIRED, and that you BELIEVE that you are worthy and capable of joining me on this extraordinary journey of building something. I will do my part, now it is up to you.

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