When I started collaborating with Mike, it didn’t take long to understand how he could help me. The professionalism and thoroughness of his process has helped me continuously. Mike is a true ideation expert that I’m pleased to be aligned with.

Alan Scheik

Head of Marketing, Americas, Cradlepoint Inc.

Working with Mike has been a game changer for me. From every single step along the way, I have been continuously blown away by the level of detail, professionalism, and also by the personal aspect of working with him. He has renewed my belief in my business and the impact I know I can make in the lives of millions! Mike is top notch and I would work with him everyday of the week!

Sandra Hanna

CEO, Smart Cookies

Mike has creative ideation & artistic abilities that are translated into tangible business assets and innovations that are incredibly valuable. He accomplishes this from closely listening to your needs and walking you through his process. A joy to work with!

Charles Smith

CEO, Former NBA Player & Olympian, Charles Smith Exchange

Mike has been an inspiration (the Inspirer name is not just a name!) to me and the team at Cloud Elements since our company was just an idea. He helped us mold it into a real product with a real message. He is one of the most creative and driven individuals I’ve ever worked with.

Mark Geene

CEO, Cloud Elements

Mike is a mentor’s mentor. Having worked with him for over 5 years on Founders Institute companies, I’ve seen first hand the value he brings to others. His process for thinking through market opportunity is very powerful. Mike is an innovation & idea machine. Mike has a method for thinking about opportunity that never fails to find new approaches to business. He is not only a proven serial Entrepreneur but he has a methodology to make innovation a repeatable process. When I’m looking to do my next thing, Mike is on my short list of people to call. Mike can speak and is also a world class communicator. His keynote speech about his personal story is one of the best I have ever heard. Based on an analogy between being a “serial killer” and a “serial entrepreneur”, Mike was informative, entertaining, but mostly inspirational. Everyone in the room left feeling that they could go out and do amazing things. Mike has not only inspired me to be more innovative professionally, but he has inspired me to complete a 15 year + vision of running the Leadville Trail 100.

Jim Franklin

Professor, Investor, Board Member

I’ve known Mike for years now, and he is consistently a totally original thinker. It’s not easy to approach all of the business world -- and indeed all of life -- as an iconoclast, but Mike has always done it, and always will. He approaches things that have been looked at by lots of people and is able to come up with a new take, and then will move mountains through pure hard work and tenacity to get to the solution.

Scott Yates

CEO, Blugmutt

Mike is one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever known. If you need ideas, he’s your man. If you need UI design thoughts, he’s your man. Now that I think about it, if you need any sort of help, he’s your man!

Brad Brown

Founder, Intellivideo

I was invited to a wine tasting at a winery in Switzerland all because of my wine blog. Thank you Mike for the inspiration and help in creating these opportunities through your ideation process and branding brilliance!

Heather Lipp

Founder, Blogger, 10Kbottles.com

Mike’s been a mentor and an inspiration to many in the Denver/Boulder entrepreneurial community. He’s an exceptional entrepreneur and human being. What he’s creating via Inspirer is compelling for many individuals.

Tom Higley

Founder, 10.10.10

I’ve had the honor or working with Mike at Founder Institute for several years. He’s an amazing mentor and an idea machine. I love the Inspirer concept. Mike himself is an incredible inspirer.

Denise Hulce Franklin

CEO, Kindara

Mike is a big idea guy. He is always trying to look a few steps ahead and around the corner.

Michael Beaudoin

Founder, ServiceMagic.com

People like me are drawn to Inspirer because now there is a trusted platform where entrepreneurs can feel like they are cultivated. Mike & Nina are the ones for this job. They are tenacious, wicked smart, experienced, and have proven success. Most importantly, they are truly passionate about the idea of helping people and businesses. I couldn’t imagine a better and more hard-working couple to put Inspirer into the hands of every professional.

Krista Paul

VP Content Innovation, eBags

There are several reasons I would recommend Inspirer. They are visionary regarding product. They can spot trends and the confluence of several seemingly disparate trends. They're reliable, helpful, friendly, etc. But most interestingly (at least in my mind), is their ability to solve problems in a way that may not be obvious to even a seasoned practitioner. In my own case, they've given me several meaningful bits of advice in areas that I know intimately. It takes off-kilter observations to remind me to look at issues through several different perspectives.

Adam Swiecki

CEO, Surfboards.com

and many, many more....

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